Which makeup defines your brows?

Let’s be honest, there are so many brow products with a wide range of prices on the market which can be quite overwhelming. We all want full, well-groomed brows with great definition. Eyebrows have become the focal point on a person’s face… hence why we have they have become an obsession for many in the last few years. To achieve your brow goals… read carefully. Each brow is unique in its shape and color, and there is no right or wrong way to apply brow makeup (except applying too much product). BROW PENCIL is great for precision, creating crisp lines from the beginning, arch, and tail of your brow. The pencil is perfect to create a bold, statement brow. BROW POWDER is for creating a soft brow and blends better with light brow hair. The powder gives a subtle fill to the brows leaving them natural yet prominent. BROW GEL are for those who have full, thick brows to keep those unruly hairs tamed and in place. There is simple clear gel or tinted gel. (Our favorite tinted brow gel is “When Hairy Met Sealy” by Ramy Cosmetics.) BROW WAX is the easiest way to keep brows groomed. The consistency of the wax is great for someone who may have gaps or bald spots in their brows because you can apply the wax with a spoil brush and “place”your existing brow hairs to cover those bare areas within the brow. Make your brows the thing nobody can stop talking about!