What Small Business Owners are Doing During Coronavirus (COVDI-19) Shutdown

“Unknown” is a word that resonates with me, a small business owner in a bustling happy little town of Millburn, NJ. While the news mandates all businesses close up shop for the time-being, easier said than done. Going from a fully booked seven days a week schedule, to abruptly having to do the inevitable: shutting down Brow Eyed Girl within a 24-hour window is overwhelmingly emotional.  

As I navigate through social distancing while also looking out for my mental health, I surely have learned that disinfecting my negative thoughts is just as important as washing my hands. What I mean by this is- when our inner dialogue is negative and harsh, we start believing those thoughts when really there is no factual meaning to them. I’ll give you an example I used for my personal situation: Instead of saying “Quarantine” or “Isolation” I’ve labeled this unique moment in time, the “Brow Eyed Girl Retreat” … it sounds more inviting and peaceful to me. Feel Free to join anytime, the BEG retreat welcomes all (virtually that is)!

One thing I truly miss in my daily work routine is my CLIENTS. The simple interaction, the endless laughs, and the actual creations on their beautiful faces. Nothing is more gratifying than when a client expresses their appreciation and love for the artistry of my work after their appointment. 

But, we will be back at it before you know it- fingers crossed. In the meantime, I am honing my Permanent makeup/eyebrow craft every day with sketching brows on fake skin, paper, and even my arm (for an Instagram Challenge). Aside from doodling, I have been learning online from tutorials from the best brow bosses: Kelley Baker Brows, Brow Boss Gal, Brow Jam. I’ve also been jumping on brow trends- the idea of  “the untouched brow” and “the perfect imperfect brow”… meaning embrace the brow growth and the “unruliness”; this is particularly fitting during the month of quarantine! Also, I have been expanding my beauty network and catching up with Permanent Makeup Industry colleagues virtually through Zoom, Facebook Live, and Instagram. Staying home and connected combats any feelings of loneliness and has been very inspiring and uplifting- SHOUT OUT to Shay Danielle, Sheila Bella, Emily Joy, and many more!

Staying home during this global pandemic will make all of us twice as strong, wise, and more grateful for what we have.  As my very wise 89-year-old grandfather says: “This Too Shall Pass”, now, my daily morning mantra.

Stay Positive, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong. I can’t wait to give you back your perfect eyebrows soon!