Thick Brows are here to stay… and WAY past 2020!

According to a new study, the contrast of dramatic eyebrows against your skin actually make you appear more youthful. “People of different cultures use facial contrast as a cue for perceiving age from the face, even though they are not consciously aware of it,” said researcher Aurélie Porcheron in a press release. “The results also suggest that people could actively modify how old they look, by altering how much their facial features stand out, for example by darkening or coloring their features.” That’s especially true with the eyebrows, which tend to get lighter and thinner with age.

For all means… keep your precious brows THICK and FULL because we all know the time of over-tweezing and thin brows is deeply regretted. With 2020 around the corner, lets make a resolution:  “Do not touch eyebrows…leave it to the experts at BROW EYED GIRL!”