• Healing generally takes about 3-4 weeks.
  • Only clean hands near your tattoo.



  • Heavy sweating (1st week)
  • Saunas, hot tubs, soaking, swimming (Minimum 2 weeks)
  • Direct sun— exposing a new tattoo to the sun can impact healing/Sun can cause zones to raise or itch with age.   A loose bandana coverage on sunny days helps
  • Scratching/picking tattoo especially during the healing process (If super itchy, treat your tattoo like a mosquito bite – simply smack it or apply balm, especially if dry)



Second Skin:

  • This waterproof clear bandaid is your “2nd skin” and it is fine to shower with it on.
  • Best to ignore / let it work its subtle magic— ideally, leave it on  for 24-48 hrs 3 days maximum. ( If irritated take off sooner and run under water always to ease surface tension.
  • Generally, you will see your tattoo clearly, then it may look blurry or have an ink sack, and lastly normal healthy healing! This is simply excess ink pooling in your bandage.
  • After 2-3 full days, remove second skin under running water for ease. Peeling it dry or aggressively may cause delicate linework to lift unevenly. Using clean hands, rinse with mild unscented soap / lukewarm water.
  • Pull down on bandage like a command strip and do not lift up the bandage.
  • If 2nd skin falls prematurely, it’s your skin asking to breathe – no need to re-bandage – same aftercare cleanse with:
    • clean hands
    • mild soap
    • clean water
  • When you peel off layer, tattoo may appear “printed“ onto second skin — this is normal.
  • Intentionally wash a few more times and your tattoo should still be in tact.
  • Air dry or pat with clean, dry paper towel. Moisturize with thin layer of ointment as needed.
  • Favorite Skin Balms: Vitamin A&D, Cetaphil, CeraVe, Mild Unscented Lotion.

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