Pre-Care For Lip Blush

For best results and to be accepted for Lip Blush you MUST do the following PRIOR to
your appointment, starting 5-7 days leading up to your appointment:

Gently exfoliate your lips before bed with a lip scrub, baking soda & water(forming a
thick paste), or with your toothbrush for 1-3 minutes and immediately moisturize with a
lip mask. Wear a lip balm daily.

Drink water, the first signs of dehydration show in the Lips!! It’s best to drink a minimum
of 80-120 oz of water a day based on your weight and lifestyle. If you come to your
appointment with dehydrated, flaking, chapped, OR unhealthy lips, you will not be
worked on and you will forfeit your deposit.

Please bring your favorite go-to lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm to your appointment. If you
do not, our artists will custom create a lip color based on the inner waterline of your
lower lip for very natural results.

  • NO alcohol 24-72 hours prior
  • You cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • NO caffeine 24 hours prior
  • NO blood thinners (aspirin, fish oil, turmeric, etc…)
  • NO exercise the morning or your procedure
  • Arnica Montana 30c is a safe, effective, OTC that has been proven to help
    prevent: bleeding, bruising, & swelling. Recommended to start taking it 3-5
    days prior, leading up to your appointment.
  • If you suffer from cold sores or have even had 1 sore, you MUST be taking a cold
    sore medication such as Acyclovir, 3 days prior to your appointment, day of
    appointment, and continue to take it 3 days after your procedure for a full 7 day
    cycle. If not, you will experience pain, bruising, inflammation, and even have a
    break out! L-Lysine is a great OTC supplement to help as well.
  • NO botox in lip area or lip filler/injections 4 weeks prior to procedure (injections
    need 4 weeks to settle).
  • NO deep exfoliation 2 weeks prior (Ex. Chemical Peel)
  • NO chapped, dry, flaky, open cuts or sores on or around lips prior to treatment.
    The process will be uncomfortable, result in trauma/bleeding, bruising, and the
    healed results will be patchy leading to additional sessions and cost.
  • NO Antibiotics 2 months prior (body may reject pigment if antibiotics are in the
  • NO lip tint, lipstick, or any products on lips day of procedure, EXCEPT a clear
    moisturizing lip balm/mask may be worn to your appointment! Artist needs to
    see your natural lip color and appreciates when you wear balm to your

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