Eyebrows can make the most dramatic difference to the basic symmetry and enhancement of the face as a whole.
Why not frame your eyes with instantly perfect brows that won’t wash away?
Micropgmentation or Permanent Make-Up is a term used to describe facial cosmetic tattooing. Color pigments are placed just below the dermis of the skin for the purpose of creating definition to enhance the individuals natural beauty. This service is custom designed for each individual client according to their face shape, skin-tone, eye color, hair color and most importantly, skin type. Semi-permanent make up as the name implies requires periodical maintenance to ensure the freshness of the look

Do you use clean needles?
Every client has a new, single use needle. At the beginning of the treatment you can observe the needles being taken out of a sterilepre-packed casing. On completion of the treatment, the needles are placed into a sharps container and then disposed of correctly. Artists at Brow Eyed Girl use Harmony Microblades. To be the best in this industry, you must use the best tools available. Harmony microblades are one time use disposable blades.

Is it painful?
Everybody has a different level of pain tolerance but most clients are completely comfortable and relaxed during the appointment. You may feel slight discomfort but the results will far outweigh this. You may take TYLENOL prior to the appointment but NOT ASPRIN. A highly effective numbing solution is applied before and during the treatment to keep you feeling as comfortable as possible. Clients have compared the sensation to tweezing or threading your eyebrows. (I have even had a few clients fall asleep during the procedure)

Is it safe if I am pregnant?
Permanent Cosmetics are not safe for women who are pregnant or nursing. Pregnancy can cause undesirable results due to hormonal changes in the body.

How long does it last?
Many different factors play a role in the lifespan of the implanted pigment.
Clients skin type plays the biggest role in longevity and the general outcome of the procedure. Oily Skin types hair strokes may heal softer with a powder finish while drier skin types may heal more crips and defined. Darker pigments tend to last longer. Proper UVA/UVB protection will prevent colour from fading as quickly when in sunny climates. Aggressive skin treatments such as laser, chemical peel, dermabrasion etc. do not get along with micropigmentation.

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