Brow Hair Removal… The RIGHT Way!

When it comes to shaping your eyebrows, is tweezing, waxing, or threading best? After a lot of research and testing out all three hair removal techniques on clients, there is no question that TWEEZING is the best longterm. Knowing the reason behind this is key.

First let’s dig into what all three techniques are about.

Threading: In threading, the technician uses thread to go through your eyebrow hairs row by row to pluck the unwanted hairs. The technicians will hold one end of the thread in their mouths with is PROBLEMATIC. Any person using their mouth as part of their work inherently will cause issues because of the bacteria in a person’s mouth. Threading poses health risks of who knows what! Threading does not remove the hair follicle it actually just breaks your hairs and we noticed after time it changes hair growth causing the hair to come back shifted.

Time and time again, we hear first time clients say, “I used to get my brows threaded, but each time I went back for a cleanup they kept making them thinner and thinner (Praise to them… they left the unsanitary threading cult! haha)

Waxing: Waxing is what we all are most familiar with, where heated wax is applied to the area of unwanted hair and quickly removed to pulls hair out. We don’t care if the wax is strapless wax, “organic”wax, or soft wax (known as a type of strip wax). Wax is abrasive to ALL skin types because the skin underneath your brow is very sensitive and thin (comparable to your under eye) and the wax stretches your skin. If the technician is not experienced she/he could apply the wax accidentally onto more hair than necessary resulting in removing a few extra hairs which now messes up the overall shape of the brows.

Tweezing: Tweezing brows result in a precise, clean brow removing stray hairs strand by strand with the most control over the brow area. Tweezing is definitely more of an artistry versus just a simple hair removal technique. We definitely recommend leaving tweezing to the professionals (US)… because most of time the combination of a magnifying mirror, a pair of mediocre tweezers will leave you with a thin pair of uneven brows. With tweezing, we have more accuracy using tweezers and can create the most natural, pristine brow shape for each individual. Tweezing is the game-changer for the removal of unwanted hair… and absolutely the best technique in the long run as we age.