Best Celebrity Eyebrows According To An Eyebrow Specialist

Focusing on eyebrows day in and day out, I see the bad, the good, and the ugly. Everything from the skinny 90’s brow to the “comma mark” brow to the straight brow to the naturally arched brow, and plenty more.
Your brow shape has a major influence over your facial features and certainly draws out your best features. It’s all about balance and overall facial harmony. I’m going to be honest, when I’m out and about I solely focus on people’s eyebrows and it’s a habit I need to nip in the butt ASAP because people are going to think I have some sort of staring problem. The amount of thin brows I see are uncanny…but what’s even more frustrating is why aren’t they doing anything to fix their brows?!? Maybe its because they are simply unaware that their brows are outdated or they don’t know how to apply brow makeup or maybe they don’t care whatsoever or they just keep going to the same nail salon for a cheap brow waxing leaving their brows thinner and thinner each time! Whatever it might be, I would like to give you insight of particular eyebrows that could persuade YOU to do something about your brows. I get it we aren’t all blessed with perfectly shaped brows but these women certainly got the “brow blessing”!

1. Brooke Shields – She started the brow craze in the 80’s with a strong, thick brow and I admired her to another level. (By the way, she was my inspiration one day to start a brow business when my Dad told me I had brows just like her at age 13.)
2. Jennifer Connelly – A hidden brow gem… I bet most of you will have to google her. Her dark, brunette brows are somewhat masculine and I dig it… letting her brows do their own thing.
3. Arizona Muse- A beautiful model with the most PERFECT brows… a win-win situation in her case. Her super thick brows is what set her apart from other high-fashion models, and she certainly carries them well.
4. Solange Knowles- I like to call these “bad-ass brows” because they look unruly with a brow attitude but accentuate her face shape beautifully.

What celebrity do you think has a timeless brow?
No not Kim K. That whole “drawn-in brow” is not cute ladies. I am all about the soft, fluffy brow that look fresh and au naturale. Audrey Hepburn is that lady. Her brows weren’t perfect… they were straight with a slight arch emphasizing her large eyes and oval face. Timeless. Classic.

I can’t reiterate enough how significant eyebrows are. They essentially break or make your face (yup I said it) … but thats how passionate I am for eyebrows. Put this into perspective, we are willing to spend well over $1,000 for a designer handbag… so I think its safe to say its time to invest in something you wear everyday, your eyebrows.