About Nicole

Nicole is a permanent makeup artist with a natural talent for helping clients feel beautiful and confident, by highlighting their best features while maintaining their natural beauty. Through permanent makeup artistry, Nicole enhances her client’s natural beauty, using skill, experience and her artistic eye, to accomplish a fresh, youthful look. Nicole specializes in powder eyebrows, upper lash line enhancement eyeliner, and lip blushing.

Nicole has been working as a makeup artist for several years. Nicole’s passion for her work and her commitment to her clients, inspired her to continue to learn the latest techniques and products in the permanent make up field.

Nicole loves everything health and beauty related, and she also has a deep love for nature, food sustainability and physical health. Nicole graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors in Controlled Environment Agriculture. In her free time, Nicole loves to spend time with friends, family and her pet rabbit, Bernie. Some of Nicole’s hobbies include yoga, hiking, and playing guitar.

Here, at Brow Eyed Girl, Nicole’s committed to listening to her clients’ needs and working with them to meet their beauty goals.

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nicole's menu

  • lip blush

  • powder brows

  • lash enhancement

  • secondary touch-up

  • 6 month touchup

  • annual color boost

  • 18 month touchup color boost for shaded eyeliner

  • neutralization

  • brow lamination

  • brow lamination & tint

  • lash lift

  • lash lift & tint

  • lash lift + tint & brow lamination + tint

  • eyebrow tint

  • eyelash tint

  • new girl brow

  • love at first sight brow

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