About Courtney

Hi, I’m Courtney!

My brow journey began when I was obsessed with Brooke Shields’ iconic eyebrows in my teens. As a model for over 20 years, I loved the beauty aesthetic aspect of my career and knew I wanted to create a business focusing on giving to others.

Most people don’t understand how much eyebrows alone can affect someone’s life! The feeling of creating eyebrows for my clients who have extremely thin brows, as well as those who have alopecia, cancer, trichotillomania, or any form of hair loss, is something that I cannot describe.

I absolutely love what I do, and the opportunity I have to change people’s lives is something I do not take for granted.

I am always looking to continue my education in order to find the best products and various elevated techniques that elevate my artistry and take my client experience to the next level!

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courtney's menu

  • microblading

  • powder brows

  • hybrid brows

  • lip blush

  • eyelash enhancement

  • shaded eyeliner

  • secondary touch-up

  • 6 month touch-up

  • 12 month annual color boost

  • 18 month color boost (eyeliner)

  • correction liner

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