OCD about Sanitation.

Trusting someone takes time, sometimes even years to really KNOW a person. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen without effort or open communication. At Brow Eyed Girl, we make it our responsibility and give dedication to our clientele by providing a safe, immaculately clean space with sanitation being a priority for every […]


Do you really want a person working on your face that is not licensed and just wants to make quick, easy money? I think not. As much as we love working on a clean canvas that never has been microbladed before… unfortunately we do a lot of corrective work. This means, we’ve seen many ruined […]

The best of both worlds = Blade & Shade

Deciding which eyebrow route to go? Blade and shade is a combination between MICROBLADING (the process of ‘drawing’ thin lines with a handheld tool mimicking actual brow hairs to create a natural, full brow ) and SHADING aka ombre/powder brows (using small needles to insert pigment directly into the skin which gives the appearance of […]

Botox before or after?

Your secret is safe with us. Let’s admit it, we love the wrinkle smoothing wonder of Botox. Wait until after your microblading treatment to do your next Botox treatment. This is why: Microblading has a longer lifespan than Botox. We create your brow based open your existing features, but once the effects of Botox wear […]

Semi-Permanent VS. Permanent

On a daily basis, clients ask us if the cosmetic procedures we offer are semi-permanent or permanent and what the longevity of each procedure is. In our industry, the terms “permanent makeup”, “semipermanent makeup”, “cosmetic tattooing”, and “micropigmentation” are thrown around all the time and many experts have varying opinions. However, the bottom line is […]

Brow Hair Removal… The RIGHT Way!

When it comes to shaping your eyebrows, is tweezing, waxing, or threading best? After a lot of research and testing out all three hair removal techniques on clients, there is no question that TWEEZING is the best longterm. Knowing the reason behind this is key. First let’s dig into what all three techniques are about. […]